15+ Most Useful and Free Plagiarism Checkers for effective blogging

In this modern era of online business, plagiarism has become the biggest problem. To run your online business smoothly it is highly important to place right content pieces at right places and all that content should be 100% original. That’s why people use plagiarism checkers to make sure that their work is authentic.

What is plagiarism? 

In simple terms plagiarism can be defined as the “copied” or “duplicate” or “unoriginal” or “stolen content”.

Why do you need plagiarism checker? 

A writer puts huge efforts to write content pieces but sometimes their content is used without his consent and without giving him required credit. Here comes the role of plagiarism checkers where a writer can check if his work has been copied by someone else or not. The other requirement of plagiarism checking is for producing original content for your website/blog or any other purpose. When you have finished writing content, sometimes unintentionally your content can have traces of some other writer’s thoughts. In this case you can check for content plagiarism before publishing it and get the chance to rewrite needed piece of content to make it completely original.

I have compiled a list of the best free plagiarism checkers that you can consider for your next writing projects.

1. Grammarly

 Along with checking duplicate text it also detects text errors in your content. Grammarly.com

2. CopyScape

It is one of the best tool for checking your content online but it’s free version only lets you check the web page content. So, if you need to check that before getting the article published then you will need to buy premium version. Copyscape.com

3. Dupli Checker

This is an easy to use tool that is absolutely free to use. You can simply paste your content or can also upload the file for checking plagiarism. Duplichecker.com

4. Small SEO Tools

It is a fast tool for detecting content plagiarism. There are various other handy tools too for your SEO needs. Smallseotools.com

5. Paperrater

It is also a free tool to check the originality of the content. It provides an easy to use interface. It also lets you know grammatical and spelling issues within the text. Paperrater.com/

6. Plagium

This tool is quite easy to use and offers some advanced options too for checking the text. This tool is available in free and paid versions. But there is per day limitation of checking content for free. Plagium.com

7. Plagiarisma

This tool allows you to check plagiarism for free. It offers you various advance features like selecting preferred search engine; check content in text or file form. You can also check webpage content too. Their free software is also available for various platforms. Plagiarisma.net

8. Search Engine Reports

This is yet another handy tool for checking content originality for free. This tool allows you to check content by copy and paste or even by uploading file. It has various other helpful SEO tools as well that can be used free of cost. The only disadvantage is that the speed can be quite slow. Searchenginereports.net

9. PlagTracker

It is a fast free content theft detection tool but in the free version you can only check text by copy & paste method. There is no support for uploading file for this test in free version. Plagtracker.com

10. CopyLeaks

This is a platform that can be used for businesses and educational purposes. It is quite convenient tool but it imposes restriction of checking 10 pages in a month for free membership. Moreover, you firstly need to sign-up before using this tool. Copyleaks.com

11. Quetext

This is quick and easy to use but you can’t upload file. Quetext.com

12. Viper

Viper is a user-friendly tool but the users are required to sign up in order to use the service. Viper

Apart from these content authenticity checkers there are some more functional checking tools that you can try. These are listed below: 

13. PlagiarismChecker.com 

14. DMCA Scan

15. Webconfs – Similar Page Checker

16. Dustball


Nidhi Bakshi


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