Benefits of NoFollow Backlinks for your Website

To make a website visible in search engine result pages, the website owners are always obsessed with the Dofollow links. They always want Dofollow links pointing back to their sites and ignore the importance of Nofollow links in brand building. So, here I will share some decent benefits of these Nofollow links to create a powerful SEO link building portfolio. 

Benefits of NoFollow Backlinks

What is a link? 

A link is a reference from one website that is pointing back to another website. These links serve as strings that are followed by search engine robots to find useful content on the web. There are two types of links: Dofollow and Nofollow. 

What Are Nofollow & Dofollow Links?

Dofollow links: These links are followed by search engine bots. It means, when a Dofollow link is found by search engine bot, it will be clicked to pass the linkjuice in order to improve the ranking of the target web page.

Nofollow links: These types of links are exactly opposite of Dofollow links. Which means, when a Nofollow link is discovered by search engine robot, it will not pass any linkjuice to the reference web page. 

Since these links are not used to pass linkjuice, people have started ignoring them, and they focus only on the Dofollow ones. But there are huge benefits of Nofollow links for all types of websites. Let’s dive into our main topic!

6 huge benefits of Nofollow links

#1 Gain real website traffic

The main goal of creating a website is always to generate business or income. Isn’t it? Is that possible without real visitors? Simply, the answer to this question is a straight NO, because there is no business or income without the real visitors. This is the point where Nofollow links come handy to gain real traffic for the website that can convert into a lead and then to the customer. 

Just think about gaining a Nofollow link from a popular website like Wikipedia. Thousands to Millions of people use this site and just imagine if they click on your website. It is surely going to boost your traffic!! 

#2 Increase brand credibility and awareness

If you want to increase credibility and brand your website then building Nofollow links on high-quality sites is the best approach. By getting the Nofollow link will help you generate quality traffic from trustworthy sites. You tend to gain a huge number of new visitors that can become your customers and your brand awareness will have a boost as a lot of new people will know about your website existence. 

#3 Help you create a natural link building portfolio 

Nofollow links help you build a natural link building portfolio that might keep your website safe in a long run. For any SEO campaign, it is important to balance between both types of links as it is the safest approach to gain high rankings. The websites that only build Dofollow links are always suspicious to Google and that’s one of the reasons of Google penalty. So it is necessary to have a mixture of Nofollow and Dofollow links. 

#4 Increase Google’s trust flow

As long as you follow a proper link building approach (build both types of links) you can manage to increase high trust flow of Google. If Google trusts your website then it is ultimately going to increase website ranking. 

#5 Improved Domain Authority

A good portfolio of Nofollow links from high-quality sites can help you improve the DA as well as other important matrices (such as Page Authority and Alexa rank) because the websites like Moz and Alexa consider your link portfolio to measure these important factors. 

#6 Nofollow links can help you generate Dofollow Links

This is true that certain Nofollow links can help you gain a lot of quality Dofollow backlinks. Just look at the scenario that you shared a good quality article on LinkedIn but have a Dofollow link to your website. But, if someone is influenced by your article’s content and shares it on his own website with a Dofollow point back to your website, you will certainly have a Dofollow link!
So, now you know how much importance the Nofollow links have for any website, so you should start creating them as soon as possible. But keep in mind, you shouldn’t create backlinks randomly, search for the websites related to your niche as you would like to have only targeted audience on your website otherwise you will end up wasting your time creating unnecessary backlinks. Also, these unnecessary links will attract people that are not interested in your content; they will come and go without spending any time on your website which will lead into increased bounce rate. So just do the things that make sense!

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Easy Ways to Find Blog Post Ideas

Hi friends! It is extremely challenging for bloggers to get interesting topic ideas so I decided to compile an easy list that I can be used to quickly come up with the topic suggestions because I know that almost every blogger (especially newbie like me) faces the same problem.

I am sure that these ideas will help every blogger to write useful content in their niches. Since it is a beginner’s guide I have searched the best and easiest ways that do not take much time and still are effective. Let’s get started!

Easy Ways to Find Trending Blog Post Ideas | How to Find Trending Blog Post Ideas

Use Quora to find trending questions

Quora is one of the famous Question & Answer sites where thousands of questions have been asked on daily basis. You can ask the question or just use their search tool to find the right topic for your next blog post. Just type your blog niche or a keyword on which you want to write a post and you would probably find the appropriate topic from right there. Easy and quick! Right?


This is a stunning resource to stay updated with the trending topics in your niche.

Stalk influential bloggers

It might be the best way to get your topic idea in no time. If you have just started out writing blog then you must have been reading some influential bloggers in your niche. I certainly do!! They regularly post content on their blogs and that’s the reason they are famous and others follow them. So just have a look at their recent posts and you can effortlessly find the topic suggestions. 

Use TweetChats

TweetChats is my recent favorite option to get blog post ideas. People from the world use this to discuss over certain topic. By using this platform, you will come across loads of topics. Just try it once, you would love it.

Browse Reddit

Reddit is a famous site where you can find news about almost all kinds of topics and people discuss their personal views on those stories. So you can probably come up with an entire blog post idea from a Reddit story. So eventually you get to know the perspective from different individuals which give you more insights regarding the topic.

Last words- don’t overlook the power of Reddit!!

Use the "HOT TOPICS" from Google Trends and Twitter

Google Trends- as the name suggests it is a product from Google and it helps with finding trending content. It is quite a famous option for getting the latest and interesting topic suggestions that are recently clicking on people’s mind. You can completely customize your search to localize it. 
By searching on Twitter you will come up with endless ideas for your blog niche.

Read the comments on other popular blogs

This can also be a handy way to find a topic for your blog. The popular bloggers get loads of requests from their followers and this can be your chance to prove yourself!

Explore Social Media

The social media sites Facebook, Google Plus and even Pinterest can help you keep an eye on trending topics in your industry. So start following influential people or blogs on your social media accounts and whenever you find an interesting topic from them note it down for your future posts. 

There are thousands of blogger help groups on the social media platforms. You can join those and can help each other with blog related issues and can find various topics to write about.

Get blog topic ideas from Google auto-suggestion feature

Google’s auto-suggestion feature can be your best friend when you are running out of blog topic ideas. It works great if you have certain keywords in mind to write upon. If you have some keywords then just type in your keyword in Google search bar and you will get lots of ideas from Google autosuggestion feature. 

Look into YouTube

YouTube is just not a video sharing platform from Google but it is also one of the popular search engines for millions of people out there. You should not overlook YouTube when it comes to finding blog post ideas. Just have a look at the popular videos in your blog niche and surely it is going to help you in a great way. 

Explore Buzzsumo

If you are extremely new to the blogging world (just like me) then I am sure this site is going to help you a lot. Folks, I am just so obsessed with it. Go to and type in your blog niche (for example SEO, Blogging, Tech news etc) and there will be a list of trending posts related to your niche. This list also shows the user engagement on various social media platforms so you can find out a topic in which your readers might be interested. You can use various filters too for your search. 


Most of the people search their problems in form of questions and this is where you can get ideas from WikiHow. There is content on almost every topic on WikiHow and if you are lacking the ideas for the blog then just have a sneak peek into It will be insanely helpful for you.

Explore top stories at showcases the popular stories from different online sources which can be an extremely handy tool as you can have a look at the stories from the best sources at just one place. 

Last words- You really needn’t paying a single penny to get topic suggestions for your blogs. All you need is to have some time to explore these sites and you will surely get tons of ideas (maybe for a month’s content). I have mentioned the sources that can be used to gather topics in less than 10 minutes. Hope you find it helpful.

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25+ Amazing Websites for Best Free Stock Photos for Blogging

If you own a website/blog or just want to have one then you will certainly need beautiful and high quality images to make the website look visually attractive as having an eye catching website is important to gain your visitors' attention. Also, these images help you make your content more interesting. But finding right images related to your website can be a hard thing. Though, there are a lot of photographers out there who sell quality photos but that can be way too expensive if you don't have a budget.

Websites with Best Free Stock Photos

That's the point when the websites with best free stock photos come handy. There are tons of websites that have images for various categories and they let you use them for free and sometimes without any attribution. You can use those images however and wherever you want to. So in today's post we will learn about some amazing websites that offer royalty free images for public or commercial use. Just have a look at these websites below!

  29 Amazing Websites with Best Free Stock Photos

1. is free platform for using royalty free images. The photos at this website are of high quality and you can find photos in various categories for your projects.

2. provides a large collection of beautiful images with high resolution. It has an easy to use interface that makes your searching task hassle free. All the photos require "No attribution". How great is that!

3. NegativeSpace

NegativeSpace is yet another platform where the photos in various categories can be found for free. All of their photos are CC0 licensed which means "No attribution" is required to use them.

4. Unsplash

Unsplash is the right place to get the access to high resolution photos for free of cost.

5. Gratisography

Gratisography is a fun free stock photos websites where new photos are added every week. So you get to see something new for your needs.

6. Burst

Burst is another wonderful platform from Shopify. It is one of the best platforms for finding best free stock photos for your blogs and websites.

7.  MyStock.Photos

Do you need professional images for commercial use and that too for FREE? If yes, then MyStock.Photos is the place you should look at.

8. has a range of free to use stock pictures.

9.  DeathToTheStockPhoto

Death to the Stock Photo is an appropriate platform for free photos that are sent directly to your inbox once you opt for this option.

10. Magdeleine

Magdeleine is a right place where you can find handpicked free stock photos. Wide array of new photographs is added regularly to this website.

11. Picography

Picography let's you use free images however you like. Their wide collection of photos will definitely amuse you.

12. Picjumbo

Picjumbo has more than 1500 photos to make your websites look more interesting.

13. Im Free

This wonderful website has an amazing collection of free images as well as free website templates. Have a look here.

14. Stokpic

Stokpic is another useful websites to download free photos for commercial use.

15. SuperFamous

You can use iamges for free at SuperFamous  but you must give credit to the photographer.

16. MMT Stock

MMT Stock is another appropriate place to find CC0 license photos for commercial use.

17. Kaboompics

Kaboompics might be another place to stopping by when you are in need of high quality images for your projects.

18. Public Domain Archive

Public Domain Archive is a great platform for downloading high resolution images.

19. SkitterPhoto

SkitterPhoto is one of the best places for CC0 license photos for your needs. Their search feature is quite handy for finding appropriate photos.

20. Life of Pix

At Life of Pix you can find mesmerizing photos without any copyright restrictions.

21.  Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos is a platform offering images for professional use but that doesn't mean your restricted to find the images in your niche.

22. Pixabay

Pixabay is one of the biggest websites for downloading free images for commercial use. Images are available in various categories.

23. ShotStash

ShotStash is a fabulous website where new images have been added on daily basis.

24. StyledStock

StyledStock contains images that are of feminine theme. They are appropriate for all of those women fashion bloggers and entrepreneurs.

25. Freerange

Freerange is another large platform for high resolution pictures for commercial use.

26. LibreShot

At LibreShot one can find huge collection of fantastic photos in various categories. Just have a look at their wonderful collection.

27. Fancy Crave

Fancy Crave is the platform for fresh stock images that are uploaded regularly.

28. ISO Republic 

ISO Republic is the home to fun, inspirational, professional and various other photos  for free of cost.

29. SplitShire

SplitShire is a stunning website for all your needs for quality photos.
Since all these websites let you use free photos for commercial use but it is advice that you check the attribution requirements. You must give credit (when and as required) to appropriate person behind that photo you are going to use.

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High DA Question and Answer Websites for Traffic and SEO Linkbuilding

Generating targeted traffic with the organic off page SEO approach is one of the most difficult tasks. But you can attract a whole lot of audience to your website/blog by writing engaging answers on the Question and Answering websites. 

High DA Question and Answer Websites for Traffic, SEO Linkbuilding

15+ Most Useful and Free Plagiarism Checkers for effective blogging

In this modern era of online business, plagiarism has become the biggest problem. To run your online business smoothly it is highly important to place right content pieces at right places and all that content should be 100% original. That’s why people use plagiarism checkers to make sure that their work is authentic.

What is plagiarism? 

In simple terms plagiarism can be defined as the “copied” or “duplicate” or “unoriginal” or “stolen content”.

Why do you need plagiarism checker? 

A writer puts huge efforts to write content pieces but sometimes their content is used without his consent and without giving him required credit. Here comes the role of plagiarism checkers where a writer can check if his work has been copied by someone else or not. The other requirement of plagiarism checking is for producing original content for your website/blog or any other purpose. When you have finished writing content, sometimes unintentionally your content can have traces of some other writer’s thoughts. In this case you can check for content plagiarism before publishing it and get the chance to rewrite needed piece of content to make it completely original.

I have compiled a list of the best free plagiarism checkers that you can consider for your next writing projects.

1. Grammarly

 Along with checking duplicate text it also detects text errors in your content.

2. CopyScape

It is one of the best tool for checking your content online but it’s free version only lets you check the web page content. So, if you need to check that before getting the article published then you will need to buy premium version.

3. Dupli Checker

This is an easy to use tool that is absolutely free to use. You can simply paste your content or can also upload the file for checking plagiarism.

4. Small SEO Tools

It is a fast tool for detecting content plagiarism. There are various other handy tools too for your SEO needs.

5. Paperrater

It is also a free tool to check the originality of the content. It provides an easy to use interface. It also lets you know grammatical and spelling issues within the text.

6. Plagium

This tool is quite easy to use and offers some advanced options too for checking the text. This tool is available in free and paid versions. But there is per day limitation of checking content for free.

7. Plagiarisma

This tool allows you to check plagiarism for free. It offers you various advance features like selecting preferred search engine; check content in text or file form. You can also check webpage content too. Their free software is also available for various platforms.

8. Search Engine Reports

This is yet another handy tool for checking content originality for free. This tool allows you to check content by copy and paste or even by uploading file. It has various other helpful SEO tools as well that can be used free of cost. The only disadvantage is that the speed can be quite slow.

9. PlagTracker

It is a fast free content theft detection tool but in the free version you can only check text by copy & paste method. There is no support for uploading file for this test in free version.

10. CopyLeaks

This is a platform that can be used for businesses and educational purposes. It is quite convenient tool but it imposes restriction of checking 10 pages in a month for free membership. Moreover, you firstly need to sign-up before using this tool.

11. Quetext

This is quick and easy to use but you can’t upload file.

12. Viper

Viper is a user-friendly tool but the users are required to sign up in order to use the service. Viper

Apart from these content authenticity checkers there are some more functional checking tools that you can try. These are listed below: 


14. DMCA Scan

15. Webconfs – Similar Page Checker

16. Dustball

How to Submit Your Blogger Blog to Google

First of all, you need to check whether your website is indexed in Google or not. Simply go to Google Search page that is and type "" and hit search option.

If the website's content is listed then it will be shown up in the results otherwise you will be notified that no results match your search query.

Now, if the website has not been listed in the results, it is the time to create a sitemap for your website that you will be submitting to Google for indexing.

Follow these simple steps to successfully generate and submit blogger blog’s xml sitemap.

1. Visit Sitemap Generator website and generate free xml blogger sitemap.  Enter your website name in the field saying "Paste the full URL of your Blogger (blogspot) blog including http://" and click on "Generate Sitemap". See the screen shot below:

XML-SiteMap-for-Blogger 2. Your sitemap will be created. Just copy the generated xml sitemap code; as shown in the screen shot:


3. Now visit our blogger dashboard. Go to Settings > Search Preferences & enable Custom robots.txt. You will see a box, paste the code in this box that you have copied in previous step and click save settings; as shown in the screen shot:


And your sitemap has been submitted successfully! 

You can also checkout my quick tutorial on How to Setup Feedburner Email Subscription For Blogger/Blogpost.

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How to Setup Feedburner Email Subscription For Blogger/Blogpost

Hello folks,

Here I am sharing a simple and a quick guide on How to Setup Feedburner Email Subscription For Blogger/Blogpost. Setting Feedburner for your blogger/blogspot blog is very easy and it just takes a few minutes. Simply, follow these steps and your feedburner email subscription settings are all done!

How to Setup Feedburner Email Subscription For Blogger-Blogpost

1. Visit and Login with your Gmail credentials.
2. After logging into Feedburner, enter your blog URL in the field "Burn a feed right this instant" and then click "Next".

Setup Feedburner For Blogger-Blogpost
3. On the next page you will have to select the feed source to use for your blog. Simply select the option for "RSS", as shown in the screenshot and then click "Next".

Setup Feedburner For Blogger-Blogpost

4. In the next you need to enter Feedburner Feed Title and Feed Address in the respective field. 

Setup Feedburner For Blogger-Blogpost

5. You shall see the congratulation message now. 

Setup Feedburner For Blogger-Blogpost

Voila! Your feedburner  Email Subscription setup is complete now. 

I hope it helped you!

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