Case Study: How I Solved Auto Pagination Problem in Blogger

I recently published a new post on my blog and encountered sudden change in number of posts on the homepage. There was a problem with pagination so most of the posts were not being displayed on homepage. The blog was looking very unprofessional and poorly managed.

how to solve Auto Pagination Problem in Blogger or blogspot

Initially, I couldn’t understand what’s happening and thought that the problem is because of some issues with the theme. I tried everything to reset the homepage; re-uploaded the template file, removed latest post which I had lately published, changed the settings of post display options and did a lot of other activities as well, unfortunately nothing worked. 

I started online research, but didn’t find any information. After trying various queries and after a lot of hard work I was able to find some information. There were some factors in Blogger that can cause this auto pagination issue.

What factors cause Auto Pagination issue?

1) Writing way too long posts.

2) Use of lots of images in a blog post.

3) Drag and drop images directly to your blog-posts.

4) Directly copying and pasting the images from other websites.

5) Using images without compressing them.

So, these are main factors that you must consider when you are writing blog posts.

How to resolve these problem causing factors?

1) Solution for long posts

What if you write lengthy blog posts? Will you stop writing them or will you start writing short posts? The answer is “NO”! The easy solution to this problem is to use jump break immediately after the introductory lines.

This is how I resolved the problem: When I found these reasons, I immediately rushed to my blog post that I had recently written. My posts are not that much lengthy but still I inserted Jump break after a few lines (just above where I had inserted featured image). 

Truly, it was the only issue that my blog post had. I checked it and my blog’s homepage was normal again. All the posts were showing with right pagination.

Why jump break helps?

This feature in blogger simply breaks the blog post content in two parts. So the content before jump break will be loaded on homepage and rest will be ignored resulting smooth loading of homepage content.

If you are also struggling with similar issue on your blog then try this solution and it might get solved. If it doesn’t help the keep on reading this post to solve other issues! Also start using Jump Break feature in all your posts to prevent this issue.

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2) Reduce the number of images

The other issue can be use of various images in single blog post. You should only use necessary images that are crucial for the topic and should ignore using unnecessary ones.

3) Don’t drag and drop images directly to your blog-posts

Dragging and droping images directly from your computer to blog post can also cause this issue. That’s why it is recommended to only use the upload button to prevent Auto Pagination problem in blogger.

4) Don’t copy and paste the images into your blog-posts

Yes, if you simply insert images by copying and pasting into your blog-posts then you can encounter Auto Pagination problem in blogger. It is recommended to download the image and then using upload button you should add images to your posts.

5) Using images without compressing them

If you use images without compressing (reducing the size) them, that can also be the reason of this problem to your blog. There are various free online tools that can be used to reduce the size of images. You can use TinyPNG for compressing your images before you insert them.

If you have also got auto pagination problem in your blog as well then trying one of these or all of these solutions can help you solve it. Hope you find this post useful!

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