On-Page SEO: Quick Checklist That You Must Consider in 2019

If you want organic traffic to your website, then you must consider various aspects that are important for On-Page SEO. This is not going to be a super lengthy post as my main goal was to compile a quick and handy beginner-friendly guide  that can help to see whether you are doing your On-Page SEO in right way or not.

on-page seo checklist

Why is On-Page SEO important to every site?

On-Page SEO optimizes the website structure and content. Also, it is one of the most important factors to rank your blog posts for particular keywords. In order to make a blog post search engine friendly, you have to concentrate on two most important elements- Your Blog’s Coding and The Content. There should be a right keyword placement in your blog’s elements like content, images, title, and description etc. If you are a blogger and are trying to drive organic traffic to your blogs then you should follow the top 12 SEO tips for beginners, along with this On-Page checklist to get best results.

Have a look at my quick On-Page SEO Checklist and compare it with your own list!



























Hope you find this checklist useful. In this On-Page SEO Checklist, I have tried to cover the most basic and important aspects. But If I am missing something, do let me know in comments!

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