The Ultimate Guide to Find Niche Related Forums for SEO Backlinks

No matter how many backlink building strategies are evolved in the marketplace, but getting forum backlinks will always be one of the useful strategies to add value to your link building profile. 

If you don't know about forum posting then you should check out the beginner's guide on How to Use Online Forum Posting for SEO.

The Ultimate Guide to Find Niche Related Forums for SEO Backlinks

Finding relevant forums for your niche can be a neck wrecking task, so here I am going to list out various methods that can be used to find niche-specific forums for SEO Backlinks. I am sharing the best ways that I personally use to search industry related forums.

Use Google Search Strings for Effective Forum Search

To be honest, this is the most widely used way by the professionals to find right opportunities for all kinds of forum link building needs. Use the keyword and the Advanced Google Operators like this:

keyword + inurl:/forums

The Ultimate Guide to Find Niche Forums for SEO Backlinks

keyword + intitle:"forums"

This can be helpful for you: 10 Advanced Google Commands For SEO and be a little "CREATIVE" with these operators to find out the suitable forums as per your requirements. 


keyword + forum

Here are some more variants that can be used:

keyword + inurl:/board/

keyword + inurl:/cgi-bin/forum/

keyword + inurl:/forum/?fnr=

keyword + inurl:/forumdisplay.php?

keyword + inurl:/index.php?a=register

keyword + /index.php?board

keyword + /index.php?t=

keyword + /index.php?t=thread

keyword + /misc.php?action=

By using this code, you can search for .EDU Forums: + keyword + "/forum"

The Ultimate Guide to Find Niche Related Forums for SEO Backlinks

Be creative and try out several combinations mentioned in this post to find .edu forums.

You can also use different variations like this:

1. keyword + discussion board

2. keyword + "threads"

3. keyword + "forumdisplay"

4. keyword + "showthread" 

5. keyword + "viewtopic"

6. keyword + "viewthread"

7. keyword + "showtopic"

Forum footprints/platform names + keyword:

Just like various blogging platforms such as WordPress and Blogger, there are various kinds of forum platforms too. The footprints or platform names can be easily used to get appropriate results. Here is my list that you can use:

1. keyword + "powered by vbulletin"

2. keyword + "powered by fluxbb"

3. keyword + "powered by MyBB"

4. keyword + "powered by ProphpBB"

5. keyword + "powered by phpBB"

6. keyword + "powered by PunBB"

7. keyword + "powered by bbPress"

8. keyword + "powered by Simple Machines Forum" OR keyword + "powered by SMF"

9. keyword + "powered by Flarum"

10. keyword + "powered by Vanilla Forums"

11. keyword + "powered by Codoforum"

12. keyword + "powered by Phorum"

13. keyword + "Created with PlushForums"

14. keyword + "powered by miniBB"

15. keyword + "powered by Zendesk"

16. keyword + "powered by XenForo"

17. keyword + "powered by IP. Board"

18. keyword + "powered by freeforums"

19. keyword + "Hosted by ForumCity"

20. keyword + "powered by Boardhost"

21. keyword + "powered by jforum"

22. keyword + "powered by forumup"

23. keyword + "powered by ning"

24. keyword + "powered by XMB"

25. keyword + "Boardhost: free forums"

26. keyword + "powered by ZetaBoards"

27. keyword + "powered by Nabble"

28. keyword + "proboards"

29. keyword "powered by phpbb3"

30. keyword + "powered by VaultWiki"

31. keyword + "Powered by"

32. keyword + "Powered by"

I hope you liked this post and will use these search queries for professional use. Thanks for reading!