Easy Ways to Find Blog Post Ideas

Hi friends! It is extremely challenging for bloggers to get interesting topic ideas so I decided to compile an easy list that I can be used to quickly come up with the topic suggestions because I know that almost every blogger (especially newbie like me) faces the same problem.

I am sure that these ideas will help every blogger to write useful content in their niches. Since it is a beginner’s guide I have searched the best and easiest ways that do not take much time and still are effective. Let’s get started!

Easy Ways to Find Trending Blog Post Ideas | How to Find Trending Blog Post Ideas

Use Quora to find trending questions

Quora is one of the famous Question & Answer sites where thousands of questions have been asked on daily basis. You can ask the question or just use their search tool to find the right topic for your next blog post. Just type your blog niche or a keyword on which you want to write a post and you would probably find the appropriate topic from right there. Easy and quick! Right?

Use Feedly.com

This is a stunning resource to stay updated with the trending topics in your niche.

Stalk influential bloggers

It might be the best way to get your topic idea in no time. If you have just started out writing blog then you must have been reading some influential bloggers in your niche. I certainly do!! They regularly post content on their blogs and that’s the reason they are famous and others follow them. So just have a look at their recent posts and you can effortlessly find the topic suggestions. 

Use TweetChats

TweetChats is my recent favorite option to get blog post ideas. People from the world use this to discuss over certain topic. By using this platform, you will come across loads of topics. Just try it once, you would love it.

Browse Reddit

Reddit is a famous site where you can find news about almost all kinds of topics and people discuss their personal views on those stories. So you can probably come up with an entire blog post idea from a Reddit story. So eventually you get to know the perspective from different individuals which give you more insights regarding the topic.

Last words- don’t overlook the power of Reddit!!

Use the "HOT TOPICS" from Google Trends and Twitter

Google Trends- as the name suggests it is a product from Google and it helps with finding trending content. It is quite a famous option for getting the latest and interesting topic suggestions that are recently clicking on people’s mind. You can completely customize your search to localize it. 
By searching on Twitter you will come up with endless ideas for your blog niche.

Read the comments on other popular blogs

This can also be a handy way to find a topic for your blog. The popular bloggers get loads of requests from their followers and this can be your chance to prove yourself!

Explore Social Media

The social media sites Facebook, Google Plus and even Pinterest can help you keep an eye on trending topics in your industry. So start following influential people or blogs on your social media accounts and whenever you find an interesting topic from them note it down for your future posts. 

There are thousands of blogger help groups on the social media platforms. You can join those and can help each other with blog related issues and can find various topics to write about.

Get blog topic ideas from Google auto-suggestion feature

Google’s auto-suggestion feature can be your best friend when you are running out of blog topic ideas. It works great if you have certain keywords in mind to write upon. If you have some keywords then just type in your keyword in Google search bar and you will get lots of ideas from Google autosuggestion feature. 

Look into YouTube

YouTube is just not a video sharing platform from Google but it is also one of the popular search engines for millions of people out there. You should not overlook YouTube when it comes to finding blog post ideas. Just have a look at the popular videos in your blog niche and surely it is going to help you in a great way. 

Explore Buzzsumo

If you are extremely new to the blogging world (just like me) then I am sure this site is going to help you a lot. Folks, I am just so obsessed with it. Go to buzzsumo.com and type in your blog niche (for example SEO, Blogging, Tech news etc) and there will be a list of trending posts related to your niche. This list also shows the user engagement on various social media platforms so you can find out a topic in which your readers might be interested. You can use various filters too for your search. 


Most of the people search their problems in form of questions and this is where you can get ideas from WikiHow. There is content on almost every topic on WikiHow and if you are lacking the ideas for the blog then just have a sneak peek into WikiHow.com. It will be insanely helpful for you.

Explore top stories at AllTop.com

AllTop.com showcases the popular stories from different online sources which can be an extremely handy tool as you can have a look at the stories from the best sources at just one place. 

Last words- You really needn’t paying a single penny to get topic suggestions for your blogs. All you need is to have some time to explore these sites and you will surely get tons of ideas (maybe for a month’s content). I have mentioned the sources that can be used to gather topics in less than 10 minutes. Hope you find it helpful.

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